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Gulf Shores Golf Club in coastal Alabama

Triple Crown + Dispatch: A Mole Cricket Control Success Story

This blog was reposted with permission from Aquatrols. Mole crickets are a familiar foe for superintendents in the southeastern United States. While these pests like to feed on roots and leaves, the biggest threat to turfgrass stems from their extensive underground tunneling. Adult mole crickets create underground tunnels – sometimes up to three feet in MORE


Have You Heard? FMC Professional Solutions to Market DISARM® Fungicide and XONERATE® Herbicide

It’s true! Yesterday we announced that FMC Professional Solutions has signed an exclusive licensing agreement to develop and market two key turf and ornamental product lines, DISARM® Fungicides (fluoxastrobin) and XONERATE® Herbicide (amicarbazone) in the U.S. and Canada. This agreement means FMC Professional Solutions now offers insecticides, herbicides and fungicides — providing a full portfolio MORE

Triple Crown Golf Insecticide

Bright Ideas: Mole Crickets Meet their Match

Mole crickets are tough. And the ones on Daufuskie Island just might be the toughest. I’ve seen them burrow through sand, turf, rocky soil, even ice. They are the worst pest we have out here… they are a constant problem. My usual defense is a wall-to-wall spring application of imidacloprid coupled with spot treatments of MORE


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Controlling ZOMBIE WEEDS

Turn your turf into a NO ZOMBIE ZONE with FMC herbicides featuring sulfentrazone.

In 2012, you thought you killed them. But, they’ll be back. That’s right; I’m talking about ZOMBIE WEEDS. You may think zombies are just fictional monsters you see on AMC’s The Walking Dead or in the upcoming major motion picture featuring Brad Pitt, World War Z. But in reality you probably see zombies invading your MORE

Turf Blogs on Sulfentrazone

Sulfentrazone: Turf protection that gets to the root of the problem.

FMC Professional Solutions proudly offers a comprehensive portfolio of weed, pest and turf disease management products, including a variety of herbicides containing an optimized amount of the active ingredient sulfentrazone. Sulfentrazone impacts underground weed reproductive structures, working to reduce future populations of weeds. Fewer weeds next season means a reduction in time, labor and chemical MORE

Turfgrass Bleaching with Tenacity Herbicide

Herbicide tank mixing with QuickSilver® and Tenacity® reduces bleaching and speeds up control.

I recently read a post within a thread on lawnsite.com about Tenacity® herbicide that caught my attention. LawnSite member, green_man, from New Jersey said, “If they could work out blending Tenacity with a turf colorant they might really have something. Action on goosegrass and nimblewill in addition to a lot of the more common offenders MORE

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